Participant Comments

Here are some of the comments by workshop participants:

"The Clurman & Nisker workshop was considered one of the best and applicable training courses that the Center had the benefit of receiving in years. The structure of the workshop and Dan and Mudita's style of facilitating enhanced the participants' learning opportunities."— Mike Asercion, Former Program Manager for NASA, Ames Research Center's Management and Ames Research Center's Management, and Leadership Training and Development Programs

"Whereas difficult communications with my partner used to be just plain painful — that same ol' fight — now we use disagreements as a tool to more fully understand and appreciate each other. What used to look like Doomsday now creates growth and richness in my primary relationship." — Karin Preus, Graphic Designer

"I find this approach to communications is a clear articulation of the Buddhist principles of right speech. The techniques themselves bring forth honesty, investigation, kindness to oneself and others and a greater clarity of understanding. It is mindfulness in action." — Sharon Salzberg, Author of "Lovingkindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness"

The hands-on attention and coaching cannot be gotten out of a book. I loved the live demonstrations. — KT, legal analyst

I have a much greater awareness of how thinking affects feelings and communication. — KT

The workshop gave me tools to use on a practical level, which gives me an opportunity to enhance communication and closeness with my wife. — AB, Business consultant

I feel empowered to approach communication and listening in new and positive ways that I had no idea of previously. — TT

The workshop created a safe space in which to explore practical tools to apply to daily situations. — BH, trainer

I liked the combination of being given new skills, seeing the skills demonstrated and then practicing them. — AS, designer

I acquired lots of knowledge about communication and almost as many skills. — BF, web-designer

I liked the challenge of understanding my communication in a different light. I also liked the people attending the training and the teaching style of the instructors. — JB

I expect to be create more understanding and helpfulness in my family (especially my daughter) using some of the skills I've learned. — JB, engineer

The mood of the mood during the training was very relaxed and non-judgmental. — KP, teacher

The step by step approach made complex communication doable and easier. I feel much more confident about dealing with criticism. The workshop helped me examine my own thinking and to see exactly how my thinking can create make me happy (or unhappy). The training helped me know how to stay out of other people's stuff. — AH, marketing consultant

Fun teaching of discrete, bite-sized skills. I have a larger tool kit of communication skills to choose from that will be especially useful in difficult situations. The training makes learning communication skills more manageable for me. I feel much more confident about dealing with difficult conversations. — MB, lawyer

I'm beginning to see my blind spots. — JB, animator

This work has really helped me deal with criticism more easily. The skills will help me work with people with different opinions and views. — JM, software developer

These are skills that can be learned and used by anyone to empower a relationship. — SW, social worker

I feel I have received some extremely useful skills for listening and responding - basically communicating - that I have needed my entire life. — DM, tech writer

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