Essential Communication Skills Workshop
The Art of Talking and Listening

Communication is a skill people often take for granted and therefore don't fully develop. Gratifying communication is more than a mechanical technique. It is an art that can be learned. Even minor changes can lead to strikingly better love and work relationships.

Sundays, October 1 & 15, 2017
10am to 4:30pm both days

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Continuing Communication Skills Practice

Many people who take the two day workshop find value in continuing to develop their skills. These optional follow-up groups are geared towards helping people use the communication skills more naturally and confidently.  If a beginning workshop group decides to continue with the work, we give these 3 hour sessions. The fee is $75 per session per person and attendance at 2 or the 3 sessions is required to participate. All of the sessions emphasize practicing the skills, experiential activities and coaching with both of us. 

Working With Boundaries - 11-5-17, 10:30 am - 1:30 pm
Detecting Assumptions - 11-19-17, 10:30 am - 1:30 pm
Working With Criticism - 12-10-17, 10:30 am - 1:30 pm

In addition to practicing the skills, the first session will be geared towards boundaries – that is, how to stay out of the boundary of other people’s problems, especially when their problems involve you. Staying out of someone’s boundary allows you to be compassionate without getting lost in the other person’s drama. This skill can be especially helpful when managing conflict.

The second session, in addition to practicing the skills, will include a new component on how to detect assumptions – the core beliefs that underlie our behavior. Detecting assumptions can lead to profound insights about the ways in which our basic beliefs affect our communication.

The third session is focused on practicing how to work constructively with criticism.  We’ll focus, in particular, on receiving criticism.  This module reinforces the boundaries work of the first module so that we can receive criticism and assess its value before responding - rather than just reacting.  These skills often allow us to learn something useful from personal and professional criticism we receive.

Empathy and Compassionate Communication
A Two Hour Training

Dan and Mudita will present a 2 hour training on Empathy and Compassionate Communication in North Oakland. Date to be announced.

Most of us aspire to be more compassionate in our daily lives. Yet many people don't realize that compassion is a skill we can cultivate as well as an inherent aspect of our humanity. Compassion springs from our ability to empathize with others, to fully put ourselves in their shoes.

To develop compassion, we need communication skills that enable us to understand others in the way they would like to be understood. Often, we attempt to understand people based on our own self-centered assumptions and reactions. Or, we might get lost in just their words without noticing their non-verbal communication (e.g., their facial expressions and the sound of their voices). We can learn to listen more empathically through focusing our attention on understanding rather than our usual distractions. As we understand our interdependence with others, we also become more inclined to speak in non-harming ways.

Using lecture and structured activities, we will practice mindful communication that can foster greater compassion and peace in our conversations.

Those of you who have who have worked with us before are probably familiar with the ways our work promotes compassion. This new piece will make our compassionate focus even more explicit.

If you have not yet worked with us, this short workshop provides an opportunity to sample our work while enhancing your communication skills. If you find our approach useful, our two day introductory workshop will take place on Sept. 21 - 22 (see below for a complete description).

This training is based on Dan and Mudita's presentation at the TEDx conference in Richmond, CA that focused on empathy, compassion and education. For more info about that conference go to

The fee is $25.  Advanced registration required - limited space available.

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